Esquire Theatre Now Serves Alcohol


I’m sure that most people reading this blog feel as if they’re living in a utopia, but something happened recently that will make our world even better. For what seems like years (maybe it was just the anticipation) rumors have been circulating about a change at The Esquire Theatre on Ludlow Avenue that will add a whole new dimension to movie-going, and it finally happened. That’s right, folks: our very own movie theater now has a bar! 

The ramifications of this transformation are huge. I mean, imagine how different the movie-going experience will be with a beer or, better yet, a cocktail in your hand. Those esoteric art films that eluded you in the past will suddenly make perfect sense, and if they don’t, well, keep drinking and it won’t really matter! And imagine watching one of those countless films where the protagonist gets liquored up and matching the poor guy or gal drink for drink – surely that would enhance your appreciation of the film.

This whole notion of cinema & alcohol is intriguing; an argument could be made, perhaps, that every genre of film demands its own drink. Take westerns, for example. There may have been one western made where someone entered the salon and didn’t order a whiskey, but I’ll guarantee you he didn’t live long. The wine The Esquire serves seems appropriate for more highbrow films, beer for the rowdiers ones, and – well, you tell me….

P.S., etc., update, new news: The night after I wrote this blog I returned to the Esquire and learned through one of the staff members that The Drink Matches The Movie Equation that I imagined is already in full swing, as evidenced by the fact that, for the sold-out Big Lebowski midnight movie, not one, not two, but sixty-plus White Russians were consumed. That gives me goose bumps….







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