Clifton: One of the Best Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

Although I’m sure I’ll try to assume a starring role in many of the upcoming scenes, this blog isn’t primarily about me but about a place.  Because it’s close to a university, Clifton houses lots of undergrad and graduate college students who stay a few years and then move on, but there are also people who choose to live here because it’s a vibrant and colorful neighborhood that’s convenient and has cheap martinis on Friday nights. For the most part my life here has been sweetness and light, and I pretty much expected everything to float along in a sweet somnambulant haze until one day I walked past my friendly neighborhood grocery store and noticed that…gulp…gulp again…it was closed. Not for a day or two, either—more like permanently unless someone found a way to save it.    Continue reading “Clifton: One of the Best Neighborhoods in Cincinnati”